At Global Family Farms we believe in food the way nature intended it – free from pesticides, GMOs, additives and chemicals. We support traditional farming practices that regenerate the soil and surrounding environment, maintaining the purity of rivers, forests, and agricultural lands. We recognize what a huge and important job farmers have – they literally feed the world. We believe farmers that give us sustenance likewise deserve a dignified life, food security, and an economic livelihood to provide for their families. We aspire to a global food system that is fair, transparent, and sustaining to all life.

We invite you to join our global family of conscious consumers who are creating a new paradigm in food. The future of food is one that embraces ancient wisdom, respects farmers, and preserves the environment. Will you join us in this vision?


Global Family Farms creates economic opportunity for rural farmers through ethical, organic agriculture. Creating jobs for subsistence farmers allows them to stay home in their villages instead of being forced to search for dangerous work abroad. This helps keep families together, preserves local farming traditions, and creates a supply of high­ quality, organic herbs, spices, and superfoods for conscious consumers. We go beyond fair trade. Profits shared with our partner farmers improve access to education, provide technical training to community groups, and ensure food security to vulnerable families. In addition, we provide education on organic farming and financial management, as well as holistic wellness programs to our partner farmers.

Our mission is to create value for both farmers and organic food enthusiasts. Aside from being delicious, we promise that any product with our label on it has been produced with the highest organic standards, nutritional quality, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. You can count on us for food that is pure, nutritious, and equitable!