Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea from Nepal (Camellia sinensis)


Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea from Nepal (Camellia sinensis)

A mild tasting black tea from Nepal that is low in tannins and high in antioxidants.

The tea gardens where Global Family Farm’s black tea is grown in Eastern Nepal, are just across the border from the famous Darjeeling tea-producing region of India. Here, nature cooperates with growers, offering a combination of climatic and soil conditions that are ideal for the production of highest quality tea. By combining these gifts from nature with organic practices, our partner farmers deliver tea of extraordinary flavor.

The most mature leaves are harvested for Black tea, which requires the longest processing time. The leaves are plucked when they are fully opened and oxidized. Once picked, they are left out in the sun to become slightly wilted. The leaves are then rolled to break open their tissue and release their natural oils. This causes the leaves to react to oxygen and undergo a natural fermentation process. During this process, the leaves change from green to red and then become black as they reach full fermentation.

The multi-step processing of black tea gives it a deeper, bolder flavor than green tea. Black tea is often enjoyed with milk and/or sugar.



Kanchenjunga Tea Estate

More than 30 years ago, independent farmers in Eastern Nepal came together to form a cooperative tea garden in the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas. This became Kanchenjunga Tea Estate & Research Centre (KTE), the first and only certified organic tea garden in Nepal.

So, how does this affect the tea you’re drinking?

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