Organic Bibhitaki (Baro)


Organic Bibhitaki (Baro)

A powerful astringent, detoxifying, and rejuvenating herb.

Native to Nepal, Bibhitaki is a fruit wild-harvested in Eastern Nepal. We use a cooperative farming model, where small-scale farmers share a plot of land in a community forest that is certified organic. Sustainable harvesting methods are upheld by a forest council, made up of the village’s most respected elders.

A powerful astringent, detoxifying, and rejuvenating herb – Bibhitaki or Baro is particularly beneficial for the chest, lungs, and overall respiratory health. It also cleanses and balances the digestive and urinary tracts. Bibhitaki or Baro is one of the three components of triphala, a treasured Ayurvedic remedy for digestive health.

Sold powdered in 3 oz resealable ziplock bag with gusseted bottom.



Healing Herbs International

Healing Herbs International is a program founded by Global Family Farms to increase transparency, equity, and sustainability in the global herb trade. Every year an increasing number of consumers are turning to ancient wisdom and traditional systems of natural medicine to heal the ailments of modern day society. While this is a positive trend in health, the increasing demand for pure, high-quality herbs has created some complexities in the herb trade.

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