Organic Amalaki / Amla (Emblica officinalis)


Organic Amalaki / Amla (Emblica officinalis)

A true superfood, Amla is a fruit known to have one of the highest naturally occurring sources of vitamin C.

Amalaki or Amla is a fruit wild-harvested from native forests that Global Family Farms has certified organic in Eastern Nepal. Sustainable harvest methods are upheld by a group of village elders, who serve as the forest council and work to protect the integrity and sustainability of the forest.

A true superfood, Amla fruit is known to be one of the highest naturally occurring sources of vitamin C. Its high level of antioxidants promotes overall strength and rejuvenation, good digestion, eyesight, and liver function. Amla is used for a wide range of conditions from balancing blood sugar and high cholesterol, to supporting cardiovascular weakness. Its most common application is as a key ingredient in the traditional herbal formulation, triphala, an ancient and revered Ayurvedic remedy that supports formula that supports digestive wellness.

Sold powdered in 3 oz resealable ziplock bag with gusseted bottom.



Healing Herbs International

Healing Herbs International is a program founded by Global Family Farms to increase transparency, equity, and sustainability in the global herb trade. Every year an increasing number of consumers are turning to ancient wisdom and traditional systems of natural medicine to heal the ailments of modern day society. While this is a positive trend in health, the increasing demand for pure, high-quality herbs has created some complexities in the herb trade.

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