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Our Impact

At Global Family Farms, we believe in everyone’s power to make a positive impact, and that’s why we go beyond fair trade. We create economic opportunity for rural Nepalese farmers through ethical, organic agriculture. We also provide our partner farmers access to education and training on organic farming techniques.

We share profits from our products directly with our partner organizations in Nepal to ensure that local organizations, rather than outsiders, are defining and achieving impacts for local communities. Every purchase of Sherpa Power tea or any of our other products at Global Family Farms benefits the people of Nepal through the powerful work of our partner organizations.

Our Partners for Positive Change

Women for Human Rights (WHR)

We’re proud to partner with Women for Human Rights (WHR), which provides support for widows and abandoned mothers, who face deeply embedded discrimination and marginalization in Nepal. Since 1994, WHR has helped women across Nepal and is now 100,000 members strong. A pilot farming project started in 2015 was successful in producing a crop of yacon and improved livelihoods for one small group of women. This pilot is the basis for expansion in 2017.

Our Organic Farm

In the village of Bhumahi in Southern Nepal, we’ve established a modest, 15-hectare model organic farm, where we conduct training in organic agriculture for local community members. At this farm, we’re also producing an array of medicinal herbs, including shatavari, serpentina, ashwagandha, kali musali, and pipla.

Our farm provides steady employment to four needy residents and employs another 30+ people during planting and harvest seasons. Workers include many women from underprivileged groups, such as the local tribal communities, as well as young men who, without our employment, would be seeking dangerous, menial jobs in the Middle East.

Organic Community Forest

In a village nearby our organic farm in Bhumahi, we’ve also provided funding for organic certification of the community forest, which enables community members to sustainably harvest wild fruit, especially the prized Ayurvedic herb amalaki, and other forest products, for which we guarantee to pay a premium.  This project will generate 30 jobs during the spring and autumn quarters, greatly improving the quality of life for the women and men involved and strengthening the local economy as well.

Kanchenjunga Tea Cooperative (KTE)

The first organic tea cooperative in Nepal, the Kanchenjunga Tea Cooperative (KTE) was founded in 1984 with the mission to improve the standard of living for farmers in remote villages of Eastern Nepal without exploiting or disturbing nature. Their mission fits perfectly with the vision of Global Family Farms, and we’re delighted to partner with them to amplify their positive impact on farmers living in the Panchthar district of Eastern Nepal.

Join Us

We invite you to join our global family of conscious consumers as we aspire to a food system that is fair, transparent, and sustaining to all life. Our promise to you is that any product bearing our label has been produced with the highest organic standards, nutritional quality, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. You can count on us for food that is pure, delicious, nutritious, and equitable!

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