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Meet Hima

Hima lives and works at the Kanchenjunga Tea Estate (KTE), Nepal’s first organic tea cooperative. KTE is located in the Kanchenjunga mountains, which is the third highest mountain range in the world.

Before joining KTE, Hima worked with small local organizations growing a variety of agricultural products. She also moved abroad and worked in a Gulf country for 18 months in hopes of securing a better financial future for her family. Unfortunately, being abroad was very difficult for Hima. “We worked very long days with no break and it was really difficult to be away from my family. In the end, it wasn’t worth the money because I was always alone.”

She loves being back in Nepal and working at KTE because it allows her to be close to her family. “Working here at KTE means I get to send my children off to school every morning and share a meal with my family every evening. It’s important to me that I can be here sharing life with my children and eating meals together everyday.”

Hima also loves how much community support there is at KTE. “The cooperative provides me with financial support, medicine when I get sick, and they feed me lunch everyday. What more could I ask for?”

We hope that next time you sip one of our fine organic teas from KTE, you’ll remember Hima and the smile she gets from walking her children to school everyday, and cooking them rice every evening.

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