Sherpa Power Tea

Sherpa power is a low glycemic tea sweetened with yacon and infused with Ayurvedic herbs for strength and stamina. 

Our teas support partner farmers in Nepal by paying better than fair trade prices for ingredients and sharing profits to support community development.

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Who are the Sherpas?

The Sherpas are the people of the Khumbu region of Northeastern Nepal, where the highest mountains of the world are found, including Everest. They have been essential in most ascents of these great mountains, and are known for their reliability, strength, courage, endurance, honesty and kindness. We thank and honor them in naming Sherpa Power after them, and pledge to give back all we can to their beautiful country, Nepal.

Global Family Farms

Global Family Farms brings you a unique line of organic products. Your purchase helps to create new farm jobs and expand access to land for small scale farmers in Nepal.

Healing Herbs

Nurture yourself with high quality organic herbs, spices, and superfoods.

Your Impact

Your purchase supports our partner farmers through education, gender equality, and improved livelihoods.


Global Family Farms develops culturally unique organic products that help create new farm jobs and expands access to land for small scale farmers in the developing world.


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